by Reuben ⌂ @, New York, Friday, November 23, 2018, 06:00 (207 days ago) @ DouglasCar

I live in London carduran efectos adversos Shortbread-like biscuits have been made all over Britain for centuries, but the snack has always had a special relationship with Scotland. Indeed, what appears to be the first printed recipe, in 1736, is from a practical-sounding Scotswoman called Mrs McLintock, and shortbread is widely associated with Christmas and Hogmanay festivities in that part of the world. Traditionally enriched with citrus peel, nuts or caraway seeds and pricked with a fork to create an attractive pattern, it was often baked as a round before being sliced into triangles called “petticoat tails”, or chopped into fingers.

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