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Sabathia’s injury ends his year at 14-13 with a 4.78 ERA. The losses and ERA are career-worsts for the 33-year-old. Still Cashman believes there are indicators he can be the pitcher he was in the past.
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McCausland dug in, saying the 2008 recession had temporarily crippled his company and vowing not to sell at what he considered a low price. He organized a shareholder defense plan, commonly known as a "poison pill," which, if used, massively increases a company's float, making a buyout nearly impossible.
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"But having said that, if Mr. Obama and I were to get together, we would both be looking at the future, and the prospects ahead and our hopes for that future. The notes and letters and exchanges between us are in that direction, and they will continue," he said.
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Where are the federal judges telling Holder and Obama to defend the laws that they don't like. Yeah, Obama somehow managed to win an election but that does not make him king(he thinks so) and he must protect the rule of law not pick and choose. If its good for the goose(in VA) then its good for the "king?????" in DC.
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"After some very challenging discussions, includingcompromises by all parties, ICAO has made a strong commitment infavor of taking multilateral action to tackle climate change,"said Todd Stern, the State Department's climate envoy and chiefU.S. negotiator.

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